DBlog Week – Day 3 – The Wedding Day Diabetes Blooper

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For Day 3 of Diabetes Blog Week (#DBlogWeek), I am going to play my wildcard and write on the topic of “Diabetes Bloopers.”

The topic of the day is “The Blame Game,” but that’s too depressing after yesterday’s focus on costs and tomorrow’s focus on what gets us down about diabetes. For hump day, I’m going to write about my wedding day diabetes blooper instead.

My Big Day Had Finally Arrived!DBlog Week - Wedding Day Diabetes Bloopers

It had been a crazy day. I’d awakened all excited. My wedding day had finally arrived! I spent the day collecting everything I would need for the ceremony that evening and for our honeymoon weekend in the same remote cabin where we were doing the ceremony.

The trek to the cabin was over an hour, but it was so peaceful and beautiful. The cabin was right on a large lake north of Atlanta. We were doing a small ceremony to celebrate the official signing of the marriage license. We’d invited a dozen or so of our closest friends in the Atlanta area plus a couple who drove up from Jacksonville, FL. We were throwing a larger wedding a few months later in Missouri to which all of our far-flung family and our Kansas City friends were invited.

Preparations Went Well & the Ceremony Was Perfect

We got to the cabin, set everything up, greeted the early arrivals, and then I retired upstairs with a friend and her daughter to do my hair and makeup and get dressed. Meanwhile, my husband was dressing in the downstairs restroom.

DBlog Week - Wedding Day Diabetes BloopersOne friend was taking all of the flowers I’d asked guests to bring and putting together my bouquet. Someone else was arranging all the food people had brought in the kitchen, so it would be ready for our post-ceremony feast. Another person was taking photos while someone else set up their video camera to record the event.

I was nervous, but once everything began, I calmed down and reveled in the experience. I was 41 and had never been married. I had begun to think marriage wasn’t in the cards for me this lifetime, and then the man of my dreams walked into my life.

Then Everything Changed…

After the beautiful ceremony, there were lots of hugs, and laughter, and eating. Suddenly, the revelry was interrupted by an incessant sound…my insulin alarm was going off. I went to reach for my kit but I couldn’t remember where I’d put it.

I started tearing things apart. Steve was looking for it and so were some of our friends, since some of them had moved things around in preparation for the ceremony and feasting.

I gradually realized I couldn’t remember having packed it. And then the certainty set in, followed quickly by dismay, because I suddenly knew that I had left my insulin at home. Over an hour away. On my wedding night.

Saved by the Generosity of Dear Friends

I didn’t know what to do, but Steve started prepping to make the trek back to my place to retrieve it for me. He planned to leave me to entertain our guests. I really didn’t want him to leave, but what could I say?

Then one of our friends volunteered to go back to his hotel and bring me a spare insulin pen he had brought with him. His hotel was a bit closer than my place and it would allow Steve and I to both remain with our guests. I felt bad about the situation, but also immensely grateful that we had such wonderful friends.

So, he and his wife made the trek back to their hotel, got his spare insulin pen, and returned almost two hours later. They were in time to wave goodbye to the last of our departing guests and offered to just drop off the insulin pen and go back to their hotel again.

However, these were the friends who had driven up from Florida to be with us on this special day. We had wanted to visit with them, too. So we invited them back inside and opened a bottle of wine, I took my insulin, and we visited for another couple of hours with just them. Steve and I finally got to bed and had our private “wedding night” fun the next morning.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

And that’s the best diabetes blooper story I have. It’s one of those tales that made me cringe at the time, but at which we can now look back and laugh. If you’ve got a good diabetes blooper story, please share it with me in the comments below. Laughter is great medicine, after all!DBlog Week - Wedding Day Diabetes Bloopers

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2 thoughts on “DBlog Week – Day 3 – The Wedding Day Diabetes Blooper

  1. Oh no! Thank goodness for your friend! I hate that diabetes had such an impact on your wedding night but glad you didn’t let it stop you from having the best day!

  2. They were good friends indeed. Thank heavens they had insulin. It’s always nice to be able to look back and laugh at what I’m sure didn’t seem to funny at the time. Thanks for sharing.

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