DBlog Week – Day 5 – I Am So Much More Than Diabetes

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Last day of Diabetes Blog Week (#DBlogWeek) has arrived and I made it! I posted every day for five days (including this one). I’m proud of myself for sticking to it, even though we were driving every day and often had spotty or poor Internet signal, making it extra challenging to upload my posts.

On this final day of the challenge, the assigned topic is “More Than Diabetes,” in which we’re to explore all the other things we are besides PWD (people with diabetes).

So Much More Than Diabetes

Wow, I am so much more than diabetes! But it’s surprising how much my identity has been consumed by this condition. Diabetes pervades almost every facet of my life, and yet, I am more than this disease.

Writing is My Life

Diabetes Blog Week - I am so much more than diabetesI’m a writer. I currently happen to be focusing a large portion of my writing efforts on diabetes education. I write for my own blog, and for Diabetes Daily, and hopefully soon, for Diabetes Daily Grind. I’ve also recently been asked to contribute a guest post to Diabetes365.org. But I also write about other things, such as our RV travels, on my other blog, Peregrine Muse.

I’m doing ghost-blogging and social media update writing for clients, as well as copywriting, when needed.

I’m also writing my first novel. I started it during NaNoWriMo in November 2015, and while I met the challenge of writing 50,000 words in 30 days or less, I didn’t finish the story. So I work on that in my spare time. Ultimately, I want to focus most of my writing on fiction, but I’ve got to build up some income generating ideas first.

I’m also an editor. I am currently helping a relationship therapist produce her first nonfiction book, by doing the first pass of deep editing. I’ve also just contracted with a relationship therapist to proofread her dissertation so she can graduate in a month with her PhD.

I’m a Yoga Teacher

Diabetes Blog Week - I am so much more than diabetesI love writing and editing. However, I am also a yoga enthusiast. I have been doing yoga since I was a baby and Mom used me as a counterweight for some of her poses. I started mimicking her as soon as I was able. I went on to get my yoga teaching certificate in 2004 and ran classes for a couple years.

I also received some training in Thai Yoga Bodywork and helped several clients with that soothing assisted yoga/massage approach to bodywork.

Drumming & Dancing Go Hand in Hand

Diabetes Blog Week - I am so much more than diabetesDiabetes Blog Week - I am so much more than diabetesI am a drummer. I was the lead singer for the Native American women’s drum group that I started with my mother and sister, called Red Heart Women’s Singers. We were one of the first to reclaim our place at the drum and we went to several Pow-wows in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast in the late 90s. Later I picked up African drumming and I own a set of djun-djun drums. I love grooving during a jam session around a bonfire.

I am a dancer. I’m not formally trained, but I love to move. Mom tells the story of me standing and shaking my booty to music even before I started walking. I primarily enjoy tribal style belly-dancing, but I can enjoy moving to just about any musical style.

I Love Reading, Learning & Teaching

Diabetes Blog Week - I am so much more than diabetesI am an academic. I love learning, and teaching others what I learn. I have given numerous workshops over the years on a variety of topics. I’ve presented at universities and I’ve created online trainings. I got my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2012 and saw clients in private practice for a few years. Then I transitioned to coaching, because it was a better fit in a lot of ways. I eventually left that, too, to pursue my writing.

There’s More…Stay in Touch

That’s really just scratching the surface of who I am beyond the diabetes I live with, but that’s enough for now. Thanks for joining me on this journey during Diabetes Blog Week. I hope you have a great weekend and please stay in touch by signing up for my newsletter.

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