My 2018 New Blog Plan and New Year’s Resolution

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I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s celebration! Mine was somewhat low-key, but that’s okay, because we’ve been working a LOT trying to prepare our 2018 plans. We’ve got a lot more traveling in the RV we want to do and we plan to finally get our various business endeavors profitable, including this blog!

Clients Took Priority in 2017

Let me start by apologizing for how long it’s been since I’ve updated the blog. My writing business finally started taking off in the fall and I allowed both of my blogs to fall by the wayside, while I concentrated on bringing in an income from paying clients.

My Own Blogs Will Take Priority in 2018

I want to work toward having my blogs become a major source of income, so that I don’t have to rely on outside clients as much. However, the only way to do that, I realize, is to prioritize my writing and marketing efforts in these areas. So I am taking advantage of all the New Year’s Resolution energy and I hereby re-commit to the Diabetic Herbivore!

My New Blog Plan Includes Rearranging My Schedule

When I was first considering what I could change in order to meet my goals for 2018, I realized I needed to rearrange my daily schedule. I’ve been pretty successful this year at reserving the first two hours of my work day for my fiction writing and editing. I got even better at effectively utilizing that time for those tasks during this year’s NaNoWriMo (click the link if you’re not familiar with National Novel Writing Month.)

I seem to do my best, most creative work earlier in the day. By the time afternoon rolls around, I’m starting to get tired. And if I try to wait until the evening hours to get any of my own writing done, it just doesn’t happen. I’m spent by that point and needing to cook dinner and do household chores and rest.

So now I’ve decided that after my first two hours of fiction writing every morning, I’ll devote an hour or two to one of my two blogs (to alternate). Then, after lunch, I’ll take care of my outside client tasks (writing, editing, and virtual assistant work). Of course, my schedule can be flexible, as needed, but it really helps me to set aside time on the calendar for each task and treat each one with equal seriousness and dedication. My own blog tasks are not any less important than any of my client projects.

Planning Out Three Months in Advance, Including Videos!

I have already mapped out my posts for the next three months and I will work toward planning even more in advance as I put this new approach into practice. I’m also planning out the newsletters that will go out every month – yes, I’ll be sending out a regular newsletter from now on.

I’ve even decided to cave to the pressure to produce more videos and video products. I’m starting a YouTube channel for Diabetic Herbivore, where I’ll post rants and freebie tips and other short video material. Additionally, I’m working up a plan to create (and sell) a series of instructional videos, to help people learn to manage the various aspects of their diabetic condition or to learn to transition to a more plant-based way of life.

I will be selling these video courses and writing a series of ebooks as one source of revenue. I will ramp up my affiliate marketing efforts as a second income stream, and I am looking into starting with Google Adsense as a third revenue source. These are the steps that will eventually help me realize my goal of profitability.

I may even host the occasional webinar or video group coaching session, which would be private, live, video events. The tickets for these events would represent an additional source of income.

Follow Along and Join Me For the Ride!

If you haven’t already signed up for my mailing list, I encourage you to do so now. That’s where I’ll be announcing each new thing as it launches. And my newsletter subscribers will get discounts to my products that no one else will have access to. The newsletter is also an easy way to keep up with what I’m doing here on the Diabetic Herbivore blog, as well as my writing on diabetes and vegetarianism elsewhere on the Web.

Finally, don’t forget to Like our Facebook page, join our Facebook support group, and Follow us on Twitter.

I look forward to embarking on this new plan to stay connected to my readers, make this blog profitable, and extend my reach to help as many people as possible this year. May 2018 be your most happy, fun, and prosperous year yet, as well!

Happy New Year!

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Written by Rebecca Dugas

I am the original Diabetic Herbivore. I created this site to help others who live with diabetes and have chosen a plant-based diet to find recipes, resources, education, and support. The information here will also be helpful to anyone who chooses to eat more low carb and/or more vegetables. I believe we all should be able to feel full and satisfied no matter what food choices we make, or for whatever reason we make them.


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